Ratings and Reviews for Bear Sunrooms

Bear Sunrooms has been devoted to customer service since it was established in 1947. With our dedicated, experienced crew and the Milwaukee area’s strongest Lifetime Warranty on materials and labor, we work hard to make sure you’re happy. And our ratings show it!

Read what our customers have to say about their experience working with us. If you’d like to talk with them in person and see our products for yourself, or if you have questions about our ratings, call owner Scott Bear at 414-364-6002 and we can arrange for you to visit one of our customers in your area. If you are a client, please post your ratings online or email your review to us.

Oh my gosh, there are more things than I can mention. We say daily that our sunroom is the best investment we’ve ever made! We have ‘porch parties’ multiple times a month. Our friends constantly comment that conversations flow easier when we’re on the porch. Motto is "what is said on the porch stays on the porch"!
The year round light & sun is so uplifting! No need for a seasonal sun lamp with our porch!
I’m certain the our sunroom has added more value to our home than it cost us. We have been told that our home will likely sell more quickly, when the time comes, than 4 bedroom ones even though ours is 3 bedroom.
Scott Bear, you & your crew were amazing to work with!

- Traver Family
We wanted to send some pictures of our sunroom to you. We just had to add the finishing touches to the "masterpiece." Thanks again, to you, for helping us decide on a design and product that is perfect for us. Also, thank you for the expert crew you sent. They were informative, involving us in all aspects of the project, as well as providing excellent workmanship. Despite any minor setbacks, you came through on your promise, to get the room exactly as we wanted. Thanks again for making it happen. WE LOVE IT!

- Jim and Jill D., Milwaukee, WI
Our sunroom is completed and we love it! Even though it took longer than anticipated, the end result was worth it. We enjoy hearing the compliments from our friends and family. It's becoming the retirement "refuge" that we hoped for. Based on design and quality, we would recommend your sunroom to anybody. We would especially like to thank the work crew of Andy, Scott, and Chris. Their attention to detail and quality work was outstanding. Thanks to everyone for making our dream a reality!

- Tom & Linda D., Kenosha, WI
We have wanted to share some pictures of our sunroom with you, for a long time. We are very happy how it turned out. A BIG thank you to Eric. He's given us peace of mind of the quality of your product. We are LOVING IT!!

- Bob and Marcie D., Oak Creek, WI
We have had our completed Bear Sunroom a little over a month and just love it! We use it every day. The grandkids are having a sleepover this weekend and so excited to sleep on the porch! From owners to installers Bear was great to work with. There were some delays with our installation date but we would get a ca ll from Scott reassuring us we were still on track. The guys were troopers and worked through some very cold conditions during the installation. Andy freely shared his cell number with us if we had any questions or concerns once his crew finished the room. Spring has arrived and so many of our neighbors have peeked in to admire our beautiful addition. We did have a weather stripping problem with the door that came to light when we had lots of rain. We sent an email and within a half hour a very proactive Lily called to schedule a time to come out and solve the problem. We are very happy and looking forward to enjoying the sunroom for many years to come. Thanks, Bear!

- David and Barb G., Oconomowoc, WI
I loved the service! The presentation showed us the product "in-person," not just in a catalog. The work crew was professional, friendly, and spot-on when it came to putting our room together. Any correction we needed, they returned in a timely fashion and said any time we had an issue they would be available! I have spent almost every day since completion in it, and friends and family who have come over have been impressed!

- Jacque and Alan G, Lannon, WI
I wanted to let you you know that my wife and I really like the sun room and enjoyed doing business with you. As you said when you sold us the room, it does make you feel like you are outside. I like that feeling especially when I am working out. The room is of real quality. Doors and windows open and close with ease. The pull-down screens are our favorite-fast and easy to move the screens out of the way to get a clearer view. We also enjoyed working with your construct on team. They were professional, on time and understanding of our animals. They even gave up a weekend to get the job done on time.

- John H., Eagle, WI
We'll start out by saying everything was excellent. The quality of materials was higher than competitors. The workmanship by Eric, Greg, and the rest of their crew was amazing. Scott was fabulous to work with. We changed our plans a few times without any problems. We decided to go from a flat roof to a gable roof and we're so glad we did. The screens roll up in the winter time. The view this 4 seasons room gives us is fantastic! We are going to redo our deck, but in actuality, we seem to always be in the sunroom and not on our deck. Being in our sunroom, out of the beating sun, and still being "outside" is wonderful. So glad we purchased this room. And then there's winter time with the snow falling all around us and we're so cozy in our room. Just love it. Can't say enough. Wonderful purchase and great people to work with. Thanks to all of you.

- Dan and Nancy J., Oak Creek, WI
We had waited thirty years for my dream sunroom. We were so impressed by Bear's non-pushy sales pitch.Scott really took time to listen to what we wanted, explained the differences between products and options, and helped us take a personal inventory of what we could and couldn't afford.

Nothing could have prepared us for the speed and efficiency of the structure going up. When they told us how long it would take, we did not believe them, but they kept true to their word!

The construction team paid attention to every detail of framing, so that when the windows came in they went in perfectly. Bear had told us that our heating bills would be hardly affected, due to the fact we designed our sunroom to close off from our house, with glass sliding doors, and because we had purchased a high efficiency P-Tac unit for heating and cooling in the room.

The P-Tac unit is very efficient. It heats or cools the room within ten minutes of putting the unit on. The cost to our electrical bill has been surprisingly small.

Our sunroom is, of course, now our favorite room in the house. When they told us it would be a four season room, they were right! We enjoy it 365 days out of the year. It was worth every penny of our equity loan off our mortgage and better than any thirty-year anniversary cruise we might other wise have blown our money on.

Integrity, honesty, and reliability. That is how we would describe Bear. We even volunteered to be a 'show home' if anyone in our area wants to come and see our sunroom. We love explaining every detail of how it was built, why we chose what we chose, and why we dream one day of giving each of our kids a sunroom from Bear, for their own homes.

Trust us, if you work with Bear, you won't be disappointed!

- Carol and Paul J., Oconomowoc, WI
Scott was the only contractor who thoroughly explained his product. Other patio room builders did not take time with us to explain their product or show the materials they use. Scott brought examples of the product and demonstrated its effectiveness. As an engineer I could see the design and material used was far superior to his competitors. Scott’s honesty, thorough explanation of his product and special features sold us. Scott’s crew arrived as promised, completed on time, and worked with our roofer. We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Bear Builders.

- Ron K., Brookfield, WI

We heard from Jan P. in response to this review:

I couldn't agree more with this comment. We had a sunroom by Bear two years ago. I could not say it better. Even after two years if we have a question he is there to help. They hold up to their promises. We would recommend Bear Builders without a doubt.
Just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying the sunroom.

I can remember calling you on November 30th. It was over a month past the completion date and our room wasn't finished and I wanted to know what YOU WERE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! Whatever you did... it worked! Christmas Eve, the family decorated the biggest tree we had ever had, and the entire neighborhood enjoyed the lights shining through all those beautiful sunroom windows! What a picture! All we needed was snow!

We just about have the room filled with memories of our sixty years together but did leave a bit of room to squeeze in a few more... God willing.

We thank you and your caring crew for our lovely sunroom and also, for trying to teach me "patience."

- Phil & Joy P., Watertown, WI
I just wanted to say Thanks one more time for building our beautiful sunroom last May.  The room is beautiful, so full of light and allows us to fully enjoy our southern hillside view.   We fully enjoyed it all summer and fall, spending most of our evenings out there with all the windows open and of course, eating all of our meals out there.  No worries about mosquitos for us anymore!!  The kids love playing in the sunroom, even in the winter.  A sunny day in winter means that we don't even need to turn the fireplace on to warm it up by afternoon as the sun does it for us.

I also wanted to mention the wonderful service we continue to receive from you personally and the employees in your company.  From day one of tear down of our patio, your people were not only nice, but truly interested in making sure we were happy with what they were doing.  They were always pleasant (I even sat down for lunch with them a couple of the days they were here) and made sure to clean up any messes and not to track any dirt or mud in my house when coming in and out.  The followup service was always easy and pleasant.  As a customer service trainer for the last 20 years, I can tell you that your service is beyond exemplary.  I can call with a question or concern and you immediately get back to me.  You even call me from time to time to see how everything is going.

Scott, I recommend your company often to friends and associates. Especially when they are at my house and fall in love with my gorgeous sunroom and want one of their own.  I hope that your company prospers for many years to come and that more people use you to build their sunrooms.  It has been a true pleasure working with you from day one.

- Lisa & Marty P., Jackson, WI
We are really grateful to Bear Sunrooms for building our sunroom! They have done an amazing job. It is the most favorite room in the house for our whole family. On weekends none of us want to leave the sunroom.

All the employees were very thorough and understood our needs. They really exceeded our expectations. Thank you BEAR SUNROOMS for making our dream come true!

- Ruby & Raj, Menomonee Falls, WI
We built our Bear sunroom during the summer of 2008. We had considered adding a sunroom to our home for at least 10 years and had looked at all the competitors prior to signing up with Bear. Their crew was very professional and friendly. The workmanship was good and we have had no problems with the room.

We have enjoyed our room very much over the last 2 years. It has really become our sanctuary. We read, watch TV and eat a majority of our meals during the spring, summer and early fall in the sunroom. We are able to enjoy fresh air and our back yard without our friends, the mosquitoes, inviting themselves to the party. We enjoy watching Brewers games in the summer and Packer games into the fall. When friends visit the sunroom is their favorite place to sit and enjoy the view of the birds and deer in our woods through the sunroom windows. We are definitely looking forward to spending time there again this year.

We would recommend anyone considering a sunroom take a look at Bear Sunrooms. In our opinion they’re the best!

- Gary & Kathy R., Mequon, WI

We heard from Gary and Kathy again:

I loved the service! Seven years after our room was finished, we still love our sunroom and so do our guests! Scott always answers our questions when we call.
Living in Wisconsin, our nature's beauty is highlighted throughout all four seasons. With the help of Bear Builders, we've actually become a part of nature by extending it through our season room. Watching in awe, we witness nature's beauty: tapestries in the sky created by peaceful sunsets, sounds of thunder as storms roll in and soothing patters of raindrops falling upon the rooftop. Also, serenades of songbirds entertain us during our morning sips of coffee. Finally, we feel as if we're inside of a snow globe while looking out on a stormy winter's day. All this experienced as we relax in our four season room protected from the elements!

Thank you Bear Builders for making all of these memorable moments possible. Together we worked as a team from designing the project until the last screw was turned. Yes, there were some bumps in the construction process, but Bear Builders stayed true to their word and the project wasn't complete until all conditions met our satisfaction.

Looking forward to many more memorable moments to come as we continue enjoying our season room with family and friends!

- Craig & Yvette S., North Prairie, WI
One of the best additions to our home has been a four season sunroom built by Bear Builders. This has added elegance and beauty and is used almost daily. I have never worked with any company or contractor as responsive and as customer service oriented as this one. A company where you get to talk to the owner right away. When they say you have a lifetime guarantee they mean it. We have had our sunroom now for more than three years and even now if I have a problem I call Scott and get an immediate response. Truly a marvelous company and I cannot recommend it enough.

- Shahwar & Aamir S., Muskego, WI

We heard from Aamir again:

I have reviewed Bear Sunrooms before and was compelled to review again. We built our sunroom 8 years ago and it remains to be the center point of our home. There are companies that say that have a lifetime warranty, and there is this company which stands behind their word. Getting hold of the owner is a phone call away and he will take personal responsibility to take care of things, even though it may be 8 years ago that we built with them. Above all, he will remember you by your name.

I cannot say enough about their customer service and focus. Over many companies that I have dealt with this remains to be the best. If I had to do another addition to my home, I will choose without any hesitation.

Our sun room is absolutely amazing!  We're really sorry we didn't add it years ago!

We have used it almost every day since it was finished on December 12th.

We had our Christmas celebration in there and it was delightful! Snow on the ground and a Christmas tree in the room! It was truly a Norman Rockwell day! Yesterday it was snowing and I sat there to read. Heaven!

Scott, you were wonderful when I had my meltdown because we had inadvertently ordered the sandstone room instead of the white one. Dev and I couldn't believe it when you offered to delay setup and order the white one instead. Making that offer calmed me and gave me the opportunity to process what would look best for our home. I'm thrilled that I kept the sandstone! Thank you so much for giving us the chance to step back and think about it.

Your crew of builders are wonderful! They were so polite and courteous! We interrupted them often to ask questions, take photos, and revel in the construction. The men (and Lily) were very patient with us! They were fun to have in our home! I was a bit surprised at the delight that they took watching the room develop and seeing our joy.

God's blessings to you and your family as we start our journey in this new year!

- Paulette & Dev T., Oconomowoc, WI 1/5/15

We're thrilled to get regular feedback from Paulette: We love, love, love our Bear Sunroom! We have "porch parties" all year long. Just had another one last night. Why in the world didn't we add a Bear Sunroom sooner? 11/21/16

Last night we had another "porch party" in our Bear Sunroom. Everyone spontaneously commented that our sunroom has been the best thing ever! It's brought the neighbors closer together as we have a party every couple weeks now. Appetizers, wine, dinner, dessert. Thanks to Bear Sunrooms. 2/13/17
We love the sunroom that was built for us by Bear Builders. It is a perfect place to relax at the end of a day. We have used our sunroom every month of the year. With a small space heater it is very comfortable on even the coldest days. It really adds a lot of quality living space to our home and is enjoyed by our friends and family. Bear Builders has been very helpful to me with follow up answers to questions I have had too! Thanks, Bear Builders!

- Lisa and Mike V., Greendale, WI
Lyse and I are thoroughly impressed and totally amazed at our new sunroom!  The workmanship is 5 star, the quality is the top of the pile.  The contractors were easy to work with and took the time to explain every question we had during the building process. They never settled for for anything but perfection. They were also very well mannered and professional.  I would recommend Bear Sunrooms to anyone!

Thanks to all who made the effort it is superb.

- John & Lyse A. Racine, WI
We had our Bear sunroom built in October specifically to house a hot tub. It is very well sealed and the build quality is solid. There are several options for heating it: Radiant base board heaters, gas or electric fireplace, plugging in an infrared heater like we did, as well as other options. We chose the infrared because you can't have electric outlets or any electric device 5 feet from where a hot tub sits (electrical safety code). Additionally, you can add under-floor heating if you want. And speaking of flooring there are a bunch of options: Directly paint the concrete if you have a slab, indoor/outdoor rug, or tile like we did.

Scott Bear went over all the options and answered all the questions we had when planning our room. And Scott and Arnold were very helpful and patient with us when we had permit issues and had to delay the build. But as soon as we acquired the permit, they scheduled us in just a few weeks later. The next step, when it warms up, is putting in a stamped concrete patio to the side of it and then landscaping. Then it will be perfect. We use it almost every day and are very happy with it.

- Dan & Angie A., New Berlin, WI
This is a letter of our appreciation for the complete job you and your crew did. We would like to thank you for all the hard work everyone from your company did. The overall total experience that we had was excellent! Our wants and needs were met from every aspect. Everyone worked with us from the very start of the job.

We have been using the room daily, year round! It has been a wonderful addition to our home! Even after the job was finished you have kept in contact with us, making sure some of the final finishing details have been taken care of.

Thank you again!

- Tom & Gail B., Oconomowoc, WI
Everything that people have said about Bear Sunrooms in previous testimonials has turned out for us to be true. Other than a weather related delay, the construction crew was fast, pleasant, and attentive. Whether zero outside or eighty degrees, it's been comfortable.

Comments from guests have all been absolutely positive. We've used it on a daily basis since it was finished. In fact, we probably spend more time there than anywhere in the house. Our one and only regret: We should have added one years ago!!

We certainly recommend Bear Sunrooms. We love it.

- Curt & Phyllis B., Greendale, WI
I had looked into several sunroom builders, visited websites and showrooms, and have no doubt that choosing Bear Builder was the right decision. The first time I spoke with Scott Bear I got the idea he was enthusiastic and dedicated to what he does -- I called his cell phone and he spent 20 minutes talking with me. During building he called and/or texted with responses to questions, and called me to inquire whether the people building at my home were being respectful (they were, of course). I appreciated that Scott didn't simply say "that's a great idea -- let's do that" to whatever I suggested, but rather worked with me to develop a final design, incorporating his vast experience bringing on-paper sunroom designs to beautiful reality. I visited the sunrooms of several of his previous customers before making a final decision to choose Bear Builders and every one I met was happy with Bear Builders and their work. He and his staff are talented, hard-working, and honest (I never, ever felt that anyone with Bear Builders was trying to take advantage of me). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the room that Bear Builders made for me, and would recommend them to anyone.

- Dana E., Sullivan, WI
The room came out great. Fit and finish are terrific as was the actual install. We really like it.

- Tom & Chris D., Hartland, WI
I just had to write you, Scott, and tell you how pleased we are with our new sunroom. Because it is a four season room, we have added living space to our home. As you can see from the pictures, we plan on Christmas in our new sunroom.

I want to thank you, Scott, for being so thorough when we were planning the room. Your suggestions were right on the money and the result looks beautiful.

I also want you to know how courteous and efficient your crew was. There was just one little squeak in the floor and when I pointed it out, they went right to work removing the area and making it right. When we had Empire come in and lay the tile flooring, they commented on what a solid job was done.

We will definitely be recommending Bear Sunrooms to our family and friends over the years.

- Stanley F., Racine, WI
We previously had a 3-season room from another major local sunroom company, with which, over time, we were not satisfied. We contacted several builders, but were most impressed with Scott Bear's presentation, product, estimated cost, and honesty. He told us that while we would be happy and excited at the beginning, during the process there might be things with which we would be frustrated . But at the end of the process, everything in his power would be done to make it turn out right.

Bear Builders did the tear-down of our old room and the construction of our new room. Our room was completed shortly before Thanksgiving 2014. We are ecstatic with the results! Having now spent a winter, spring, and half the summer in our new room, we can whole-heartedly say that it is everything we had hoped, and more! The winter temperatures did not affect our enjoyment of our room. Our gas fireplace runs off a thermostat, so now turns on only when needed. The room is very tight; no drafts like we had previously. It is cozy in winter, and very airy in summer. On the aesthetic side, it is a beautiful room! We did not realize just how much more attractive than our old room it would be until it was actually done. We were quite pleasantly surprised! We've had many, many compliments on our new room.

The workmanship was excellent. The crew was always professional and on time, with a great work ethic. Scott and all the Bear employees answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and communicated well with us. Without reservation, we would highly recommend Bear Builders to anyone.

- John & Diane I., Sussex, WI
I would like to thank you as well as all the Bear staff that made my sun room install go as quickly and smoothly as it did. We are “LOVIN' IT." We spend nearly every morning having our coffee there and watching the “critters” fly around and the 4 legged kind, nibble at our back lawn. 🙂 I am so thankful that you and your staff talked me into making the sun room level with the rest of the house level rather than ground level as I had originally requested. In fact we walk in and out of it 20/30 times a day vs going out-of-doors through that door a few times a day. The extreme insulation you folks installed between the floor beams in addition to the garage wall insulation, make such a world of difference it's hard to measure. I do know this, we use it nearly every day during the normal 3 seasons and most of the time during the winter months, even the coldest of days. All we have is a medium sized room heater and that alone warms everything nicely. It is so much fun to sit out there during a snow and watch Ole-Man-Winter do his thing while we stay nice and toasty. We both love to sit out there during a thunderstorm and watch the lightning and rain. The rain on the roof is so relaxing that more than once we have both fallen asleep right where we sit.

Thanks again for giving us this fantastic room addition that is used, and used, and used, and used. . . . . Well I guess you get the picture.

- Jeff & Lynda J., Racine, WI
We really enjoy our sunroom. We love the additional flexible space it provides us with when we have company or just a quite space to enjoy reading. We enjoy the feeling of being outside with the comforts of being indoor.

The structure is a great match for the home, and although it was a challenge for them, they worked with us to add an entrance from the garage. Which is something we wanted.

When there were issues after construction was completed, Bear came back and addressed them to our satisfaction.

- Mary & Inayet K., Cedarburg, WI
It has been a pleasure working with Bear Builders on our new sunroom. Scott Bear is a friendly and informative person who went out of his way to make sure our questions were answered and our needs were met. The installers from Bear Builders were courteous, professional, and are true craftsmen. The concrete contractor did a great job on the slab, and took extra measures to minimize any impact on our yard. Overall, the product, installation, and people involved provided an excellent product with exceptional service; we highly recommend Bear Builders for your project.


- Chris K., Milwaukee, WI
We are so happy with our sunroom and Bear Builders' quality materials. The wind can be howling, yet we can sit out there without one bit of noise or draft. The builders paid such attention to detail, were pleasant to have around, and cleaned everything up at the end of the day! The sunroom has turned our master bedroom into a master suite, perfect for our morning coffee, and firefly watching and star gazing at the end of the day.

Thank you for always returning calls promptly and following up at each step of the project. We loved working with you and your company and look forward to enjoying our sunroom for many years to come!

- Ron and Helen O., Neosho, WI
Nine years ago we aded a Bear, all-weather sun room to our house. Our purpose in doing that was to create an office for my wife's accounting business. Since this is a business office, it gets a lot of use throughout the year. I can say that we have had no problems with the addition, and would recommend it to everyone as a good investment.

- Robert P., Zion, IL
Here are a few pictures of my mom's sunroom. She loves it!

Actually we all love it. There are even a few pictures of the future owners!

Thank you for your great service!

- Bonnie S., Port Washington, WI
I was just realizing that it's been five years since you built our sunroom on the back of our house. I want to let you know how much we love it! After it was built, we had bamboo flooring and a gas fireplace installed. To this day when people come to our home for the first time, they walk in the front door and their eyes are drawn past our living room and kitchen, right to the view of our backyard. It looks beautiful both from in and outside. We are in it 12 months a year, watching it snow or rain, or watching our bird feeders. We had a little problem last fall with a screen, and one call brought one of your crew promptly to fix it. We could not be happier!

- Dick and Ronnie A., Kenosha, WI
Here are some pictures of our 4 season's room built by Bear.  It is WONDERFUL!  Our whole family is enjoying it this winter.  And if we love it this much in the harsh Wisconsin winters, I can't imagine how much we will love it once the weather is mild and we can open the windows to our private backyard.  The other night we were sitting in the room and a buck and his mate walked right past us.  Awesome!

Ron and I thank you and your team for a wonderful experience!

- Gerri K., New Berlin, WI

This is the best thing that we did since building our house....adding our sun room. It's absolutely beautiful and gives us so much pleasure. It is made of the best material and makes us feel like we are sitting outside. I think our cats love it even more than we do.

Thanks, Scott.

- Ron and Pat E., Hartland, WI

Thanks for our new sunroom. We use it all the time for eating, playing games, or just relaxing. The workman were so nice. They even let my curious son stand by to watch and ask questions; not once did they seem bothered by his presence. We really enjoy our new space. Thanks again.

- Amy and Jim C., Mequon, WI

We love our Bear Sunroom. We start every morning in it, and end every day in it. We canceled our cable tv, because we have not turned the TV on in over 18 months. Instead, we enjoy reading a book with a cup of coffee, or watching the wildlife in our backyard, with a glass of wine. It has literally changed our lives.

- Tony and Debbie O., Franklin, WI

Love my new sunroom. The Bear team was prompt, courteous, and thorough. If I were to do this again, I would call Bear in a heartbeat.

- Heather N., Muskego, WI

We LOVE our sunroom and thank the Bear company for doing such a great job. We would recommend them any time, any where. Besides the excellent craftsmanship, I particularly liked the attitude of ALL the workers who came to work on the project.

Thanks to all.

- Barry and Katie W., Kenosha, WI

Hello Scott,  I am finally writing a thank you note for the wonderful sunroom you built for us.  We enjoy this warm and inviting niche to have meals just the two of us, entertain friends and share playing time with the grandchildren when they visit.  This is my favorite place in the house to just sit and relax or read a good book.

We also congratulate you and your company for your understanding and prompt service to make adjustments as it is expected when one builds that perfect place to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you very much.

- Gene and Lucrecia P., East Troy, WI

We absolutely love our sunroom! It has been 4 years now since we have had the sunroom and we use it as much as we can. We are in the sunroom so much in the spring, summer, and fall that we have forgotten what our backyard looks like! Scott and his crew were wonderful and very easy to work with. They were very accommodating to our needs. We would definitely direct anyone desiring a sunroom without hesitation to Bear Sunrooms. We are loving the room!

- Ronna and Dave G., Greenfield, WI

We are writing this letter to tell you know how pleased we are with our new 4 season sunroom. The Bear Sunrooms workers, who worked on our sunroom, were professional, courteous, and considerate. Your thorough notes taken at our first meeting helped us avoid any possible conflict. Your personal attention to detail and responsiveness to customer satisfaction is noteworthy. In addition, we thank you for your due diligence and patience in working through the bureaucratic maze of the Village of Brown Deer. Presenting our building plans at the Village Building Board meeting, securing the building permit and electrical permit, and passing the building inspection, made what could have been a frustrating experience into a smooth process. Our sunroom provides us with a tranquil retreat to escape to after a hard days work. We hope to enjoy our sunroom for many years.

- Ronald and Maureen P., Brown Deer, WI

We are so please with the installation of our sun room by Bear Sunrooms. It was installed by your hard working crew in the middle of the winter and ready for spring and summer. Every morning when I wake up and pour a cup of coffee, I go in the sunroom and just thoroughly enjoy being there. In rainy or sunny weather, it is a pleasure just being in there with NO MOSQUITOES, BUGS, OR ANNOYING FLIES. At night, my wife and I love sitting in there and reading or just talking. We can't wait until the crickets start chirping. Visitor always admire the installation and the quality of the workmanship. especially. It is solidly built. The windows and doors fit well and we love the pull down screens. In spite the cold and snowy weather. The installation workers did a great job and it's amazing how they blended the old part house with the new sunroom. We are extremely pleased with the sunroom. We feel like it was a worthwhile investment, especially when we decide to sell the house in the future. My wife and I spend almost all our time in the room. In addition, when we have guest, they usually only want to sit in the sunroom.

- Ron & Carol P., Brown Deer, WI

We love our sunroom and use it a lot. I had wanted one for years and Bear Sunrooms was great to work with and gave wonderful service. They listened to my requests and worked within my budget, always returned my phone calls and showed up when they said they would.

- Cathy M., Glendale, WI

Mary and I had been thinking about a sunroom for a number of years. We checked out a few manufacturers at different home shows and the state fair over the past few years. We kept coming back to the one offered by Bear Builders. Scott's evaluation of our site and the presentation at our home was very thorough. We were shown the quality of the materials used in the Alligator that far exceeded those by many of the others on the market. We were given the history of Bear Builders and the fact that Sunrooms are all they do – not a kitchen this week, a deck the next, and a bathroom after – sunrooms … period. The confidence we felt combined with a very fair proposal allowed us to contract for the room.

Scott said the process takes a bit of time. The room is manufactured, shipped, and staged for installation. In our case a winter install can toss a few additional weather variables into the mix. Scott said at our proposal “we will have some problems – no job goes without them – but I assure you we will fix them until you are satisfied." Well, we had some problems and Bear Builders made good on their promise until we were satisfied. While stressful at the time – looking back now they were not all that significant.

Today, Mary and I could not be happier with the room. This room has transformed the back of our house into a mini paradise and sanctuary. We use the sunroom EVERY DAY as compared to the patio, which got to be less and less. The sunroom's advantage is it offers us all the benefits of being outside without the hassles of the patio. We remember uncovering the furniture, cleaning the tables, dealing with the bugs, running in from the rain, etc. – with our sunroom we walk in and enjoy! AND here in Wisconsin year round use! Mary and I have no regrets. Every day whether we are eating out there, entertaining friends, listening to the rain or just relaxing – we THANK Bear Builders and say we should have done it years ago. Feel free to contact us and stop by for a look – it’s a fantastic room!

- Dana and Mary M., Hales Corners, WI

We love our 3-season sunroom. It is a bright and comfortable room to sit and relax in.

- Bill & Kathy H., Cudahy, WI

We have been loving our Bear Builders sunroom that we use for our dining room. It has been great having people for dinner. I thank you!

- Mary H., Wauwatosa, WI

When we bought our place 10 years ago we were attracted, in part, to the home's previously installed 3-season room. After a few years we began to notice problems with a roof leak. We attempted to contact the company that installed the room but during our contact process the place went out of business. I searched and searched for sunroom companies that would look at the room to give us an estimate of the damage but nobody would touch work from another company. Finally I called Bear and they agreed to take a look. Scott and his team looked over the room and gave us an estimate on a new roof. Scott also took a look at the age of the room (installed in the '70's) and gave us an estimate for an upgrade to more of a 4-season room. We were so impressed by the presentation and materials that Bear installs that we decided to do a tear down and replace with a 4-season. This was not an easy decision and both my wife and I had numerous anxiety filled moments while going through the process. Throughout it all I can't say enough about how Scott and his team. They agreed to work with us and with our anxiety. Even though his company does these projects all the time Scott was very understanding about how big an undertaking and investment a project like this is for a family. He met our challenges head on and helped us through. The tear down and installation was an almost seamless process. Because we agreed to a spring project we met some weather delays but through it all we were kept informed by Scott and his team. The install took just a couple days and we can't say enough about Eric and the work he did on that. Every time we had a question Eric or Scott were there to take care of it. If there were any issues they were resolved on the spot. We can't say enough about how happy we are with the whole process and we would recommend their work to anyone looking for a new sunroom.

- Jonathan and Cassie S., Milwaukee, WI

We want to thank you for a wonderful experience with your company. The day you first met with us, you went through your entire presentation, start to finish, soup to nuts. Before you left our home, you had a signed contract to proceed. You have met our expectations: on schedule, great communications, clean work area, and wonderfully talented craftsmen. Eric and his crew were excellent, tackling a more difficult roof design to join our home. They always arrived early, in high spirits, and with a positive approach. Greg was a rock figuring out exactly what we needed and pushing forward even as the weather didn't want to cooperate. He always stopped in to ensure that every task was completed perfectly. Together you have a great team who delivers as promised. We look forward to enjoying our room for many years. Thank you.

- Joe and Lucille P., Pleasant Prairie, WI

We thought for quite some time about adding a sunroom addition to our house. I had researched options and had a picture in my head of what I wanted our sunroom to look like. When we made the decision to move it from vision to reality, we began the builder selection process and chose Bear Builders after our first meeting with Scott Bear. Scott met us at our house and I described my vision. Scott listened to me carefully and offered suggestions based on his expertise, and so began our journey. Much to our surprise, our sunroom turned out even better than what I envisioned, thanks to Scott and his skilled team of professionals.

The construction process went smoothly overall. We were very lucky and had great weather during the build (the local drought came at a good time as far as our construction schedule was concerned). The project took a bit longer than we anticipated, but that wasn't entirely Bear Builders’ fault, as there were selections that we needed to make which took some time on our part.

Overall, our experience was extremely positive and the final result is a beautiful sunroom that exceeds our expectations. We have had no major problems with our sunroom, and Bear Builders was responsive to our request to fix some small issues when the sunroom was completed. We would not hesitate to choose Bear Builders if we were to build another sunroom, and would recommend Bear Builders to anyone contemplating an addition. We love our oasis and use it every day. We’d be happy to show off our room to anyone who wants to see it.

- Lori R. and Marty O., Muskego, WI

All of your employees were very friendly and it was fun watching them work. Your presentation was thorough and you delivered what you promised. Thank you very much. We are enjoying the sunroom and are looking forward to Spring when we can open all the windows up and let the breeze flow through.

- Mary and Dave H., Janesville, WI

Picture yourself with a nice cup of hot chocolate, or perhaps the latest cappuccino, gazing out of your sunroom and watching the trees blossom, or perhaps your tomatoes "take off," or maybe your grandchild swinging away in the safe confines of your pristinely groomed backyard (compliments of the male head of my family). Well, thanks to Scott Bear, my dreams came true.

Our sunroom has provided so much peace and serenity, whether it's minus 22 or 92 degrees outside. The sunroom that Scott Bear and his crew put together for our family met all our expectations and then some.

Anyone who lives in Wisconsin is foolish not to invest in a sunroom. We can virtually enjoy all four seasons and not have to battle the frost bite, mosquitoes, blistering humidity, and much more.

Words can't totally express how much this addition added to my growing family. Now my adult children can bring their kids to our home, where they can sprawl out and enjoy the ever-changing weather of our lovely state of Wisconsin. It's never too late to get started on a project like this. Scott will accommodate any of your requests and negotiate what's best for you. We are so grateful for his superior work, and highly recommend his product and work. Just ask Scott if you want to preview our sunroom. It's our sanity from the craziness of Wisconsin weather.

- Beth and Steve L., Waukesha, WI

We heard from Beth again:

Bear Builders did an absolute stunning sunroom on our simple ranch. It is our "go to room" for nearly three seasons. Scott Bear did an amazing design to make it happen. It is the best decision we made to enhance the sunshine into our home. Best of all, it's a beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors, without getting cold or wet! Don't delay, you will not regret investing with Bear Builders!

Thanks again for the lovely porch fill-in you added to my lake home. The quality of the product is above my expectations, and your crew did an amazing job. It was nice to see a contractor who stuck to the agreed upon price and timeline. I would recommend you and your sunrooms to anyone.

- Michael E., Columbus, WI

It’s a Beautiful room and materials are first rate. Bear worked with us to customize the roof line so it would fit where we wanted it. They were very responsive to questions. The crew was professional, efficient, and never left materials laying around. They stayed on the job from start to finish. Only took one week.

-Margaret P.
We had our sunroom built a few years ago and still to this day we get compliments from our family and friends when they see it. And Bear Sunrooms customer service is phenomenal. Scott, Lilly and the crew are great to work with. One of the best investments we made !

-Debbie H.
Absolutely spectacular quality, service and attention to detail. Communication from Scott and his crew is second to none. Scott is genuine and always true to his word. Great company....highly recommend! Happy to be a reference anytime.

-Dan G.
Just thought I'd share a couple of critters that we get to see from our Bear Sunroom. The most peaceful place on earth.

-Jeff J.
We've enjoyed our sunroom for a full year now. We absolutely love it! I love the features, the overall look and the quality. It was a very smooth process. I'd highly recommend Bear to anyone.

-Jenny N.
We absolutely love our Bear sunroom! We always say Why did we wait so long to get it done! We spend all our relax time out there! It's the best!

-Rosemary E.
I am so happy with all the people involved with my beautiful sunroom, I highly recommend Scott Bear and his professional crew, they have been wonderful!!

-Kristi H.
Love our Bear Sunroom! Instantly became my wife’s favorite room in the house! Thanks, Scott for your great, personalized customer service!

-Ben F.
Just finished our Bear sunroom and it is more beautiful than I ever expected! Our Christmas tree lights are twinkling in the windows and the neighbors are all envious. Several of our neighbors are going to be calling Bear to have one installed. I cant wait to spend every season in our new room. Also, this is our dogs new hang out! Worth every penny and the wait!

-Kristin S.
I have reviewed Bear Sunrooms before and was compelled to review again. We built our Sunroom 8 years ago and it remains to be the center point of our home. There are companies that say that have a lifetime warranty and there is this company which stands behind their word. Getting hold of the owner is a phone call away and he will take personal responsibility to take care of things, even though it may be 8 years ago that we built with them. Above all, he will remember you by your name. I cannot say enough about their customer service and focus. Over many companies that I have dealt with this remains to be the best. If I had to do another addition to my home, I will choose with any hesitation.

-Aamir S.
My wife and I were considering a full blown addition being built. We then met with Scoff and were blown away at what could be done at a much lesser cost. The Bear team was great and focused on our project. Once the project was completed we couldn't be happier. I spend most of my time in the sunroom. It is also where we do most of our entertaining. The Bear team still provide us with excellent customer care and it has been four years since we had the room built.

-Kevin H.
One of the best addition to our home has been a 4 season Sun-room built by Bear Builders. This has added elegance and beauty and is used almost daily. I have never worked with any company or contractor as responsive and as customer service oriented as this one. A company where you get to talk to the owner right away. When they say you have a lifetime guarantee they mean it. We have had our Sun-room now for more that 3 years and even now if I have a problem I call Scott and get an immediate response. Truly a marvelous company and I cannot recommend it enough.

-Dure S.
We just had our sunroom completed and we love it. We are so happy we went with Bear Builders. Scott was great to work with and if we had a question he would call us back immediately. The crew on our job (Greg and Andy) were great, always answered any questions we had. They have a great product and I would recommend it to anyone. They stand behind their product with a lifetime guarantee. Thanks again Scott

-Cheryl R.
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