How to Winterize a Covered Porch

Can a covered patio be utilized year-round?Your home’s covered porch is one of your favorite spots to relax, and over time, porches are where many of our favorite memories are made. From birthday parties to barbecues and graduation ceremonies to lazy afternoon naps, homeowners spend countless hours out on the porch. Unfortunately for Wisconsin homeowners, shorter days and cooler mornings are usually the sign that its time to “pack up” the porch for winter. Saying goodbye to outdoor time when winter comes along is bittersweet, so it’s no wonder why some homeowners look for ways to keep using their covered porch year-round.

If you’re looking for ways to winterize your covered porch, you’ve come to the right place. As Wisconsin’s leading sunroom builder, Bear Sunrooms knows just how to get every bit of use out of your home’s living spaces.

What is Winterizing?

First, it’s important to clarify what we mean by winterizing your covered porch. Traditionally, winterizing means preparing your covered porch to not be used for extended periods of time during the coldest months of the year. While each covered porch varies from the next, this process usually involves:

  • Covering patio furniture with weather-proof materials
  • Unplugging and storing away any sensitive electronics
  • Moving decorations such as planters, flags, or signs, to a garage or shed

Many homeowners are perfectly content with packing-up shop when it comes to their covered porches. If you prefer to head inside for the cold months, then following these tips is a great start. However, if you came here looking for ways to continue using your covered porch, even in winter, then keep reading.

Using Your Covered Porch in Winter

There are a number of fairly simple additions you can do yourself to prepare a covered porch for winter use. Some are easier and more affordable than others, but all give you the chance to enjoy fresh air year-round. These include:

Insulated Curtains

Most home improvement stores sell insulated curtains. These are made from weather resistant materials intended for outdoor use and can be hung around your covered porch to create a partially enclosed space. Although they offer little protection from the wind and block your views, they are a very cost-effective winterizing solution.

Clear Vinyl Covers

Much like insulated curtains, flexible vinyl is also used to partially enclose your covered porch, without obstructing the views of your backyard. Vinyl can be measured and cut to fit the dimensions of your porch, and like insulated curtains, its fairly cost effective too.

Removable Panels

Removable panels are studier and more durable than the two previously mentioned methods. In fact, they are often suggested by contractors when homeowners first choose to cover their patio. Although primarily used to provide quick and easy shade and to keep the porch dry during warmer months, they can be set in place in winter to break the wind and provide an air buffer from the outdoors.

Covered Porch Fill-Ins—The Best Year-Round Solution

While these suggestions offer low-maintenance ways to continue using your porch later into the year, they can only offer so much protection from artic-temperatures. If you don’t have a portable outdoor heater on hand, you’re unlikely to remain comfortable in the bitterest of Wisconsin weather. The best option to turn your covered porch into a year-round usable space is with a fill-in. Covered porch fill-ins use purpose-built panels to effectively turn your porch into an enclosed patio and provide more protection from the elements. Building on the porch you already have can make for a simpler and faster installation process.

Get Started Today

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your patio during the winter, then call Bear Sunrooms today. Using premium materials and proven design processes, our expert team of builders can turn your covered porch into space to be enjoyed year-round.

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