3-Season Sunrooms vs. 4-Season Sunrooms

When you decide to have a sunroom installed at your home, you’ll be making a great investment all around. With endless usage possibilities, head-turning visual appeal, and the boost it provides to your home’s overall value, your sunroom can easily become your new favorite room. And with the right sunroom contractor completing the work, you can custom design every inch of your new room to meet your every want and need. There’s just one thing you’ll need to do before you begin: Consider a 3-season sunroom versus a 4-season sunroom. And when you live in a climate where the changing of seasons can bring on major variations in weather conditions—especially during winter—you’ll need to know what you want to use your room for in order to make the best possible decision for you and your home.Insulated sunroom seen from outside during winter after snowfall

Before Your Sunroom Installation Project, Know the Differences

Did you guess that the big difference between each type of sunroom is how often it can be used throughout the year? If so, you’ve gotten the gist of it. These sunrooms may look similar from the outside and even inside, but it’s the features you can’t easily see that separate one type from the other. It’s worth taking a closer look at each sunroom variety and considering your own needs from the addition before you schedule a consultation with your contractor of choice.

3-Season Sunrooms

This is the more traditional of the two types of sunrooms. These 3-season rooms are perfect for regular use in mild to warm weather. And if it becomes cold enough outside that the sunroom’s internal temperature dips too much for your liking, the room can still be useful in other ways. It can become a makeshift storage area or a mudroom for use after backyard activities, for example. Essentially, if you’d love to have a sunroom and year-round use isn’t your top priority, a 3-season room may be just what you’re looking for.

4-Season Sunrooms

These sunrooms, on the other hand, are fully insulated and allow you to have control over their internal temperature as if it were just another room in your home. If you’re looking for an additional room that you can use anytime for virtually anything, this is the way to go. You can turn it into an extra bedroom for guests to sleep in, a play area for the kids, a new dining room with the best views in the house, a comfortable place to watch all the biggest sports games, a cozy reading area, or whatever your heart desires.

Time to Plan Your Sunroom Addition

Now that you’ve compared a 3-season sunroom to a 4-season sunroom, it’s time to think about what you want to use it for. Then you can consider how you’ll want it to look, inside and outside. Once you have a full-fledged idea of what you’d like, you’ll be ready to talk to a sunroom contractor like us—Bear Sunrooms. Since 1977, we’ve been Southeast Wisconsin’s premier sunroom builder, bringing homeowners completely custom creations using the finest materials available, all at unbeatable prices. Our decades of experience, in-house installers, and highly rated service (A+ with the Better Business Bureau) help make us your best bet for a sunroom that will provide you with decades of enjoyment and head-turning visual appeal.

If you’ve seen the rest, now see the best—contact us today to learn more about each type of sunroom and get your installation project started.