Can I Use My Sunroom Year-Round?

Picture of the exterior of a home with a sunroom, with snow on the ground outside.For homeowners in Wisconsin looking to add a sunroom to their property, there are likely many factors you’re considering. The most important is whether you’re going to be able to enjoy your sunroom year-round. After all, sunrooms are gorgeous home additions that give you extra space to soak up bountiful sunlight and enjoy the outdoor views. But while this may be wonderful during the spring, summer, and fall, when winter comes around, it could make enjoying a standard sunroom more difficult. Our winters are among the harshest in the country, and if your sunroom is not properly designed to perform in all environments, you’ll likely avoid the space until it warms up again. However, did you know that you can enjoy your sunroom year-round? That’s right! Four season rooms from Bear Sunrooms can provide you with the ability to enjoy your new addition in any season.

Insulated Sunrooms Can Keep You Comfortable All Year

Traditional sunrooms are excellent spaces for you and your family to eat, work, entertain, or relax. Large windows let plenty of natural light in to brighten your day and allow you to appreciate the beautiful outdoor views of your property. However, the abundant glass and open construction of sunrooms don’t make for the best thermal insulation once the temperatures outside drop. And in Wisconsin, those temperatures really do DROP. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem—insulated sunrooms. Insulated sunrooms, also referred to as all-season or four season rooms, are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind so that you can continue enjoying those great views in comfort regardless of the weather.

What Makes Four Season Rooms So Unique?

Our premium sunroom materials  combined with our unique building techniques work to prevent heat transfer from your our sunrooms to the outdoors. This allows you to remain cozy in the winter and cool in the summer! Our sunrooms offer a variety of energy-efficient features such as:

  • Insulated wall panels and aluminum framing that features thermal breaks to reduce heat transfer
  • High-performance, multi-pane glass insulated windows
  • A thermally efficient roofing system and high-tech polymer base walls designed by BASF to keep your sunroom warm from top to bottom!

Just imagine how much enjoyment you can receive from a sunroom built to be used all year long! Picture yourself cooling off from the hot summer sun with a refreshing drink or gathered around the tree with family during the holidays. From the colorful first blooms of spring to the starry-skied ringing in of a new year—and every morning coffee in between—you can enjoy it all in your elegant, insulated sunroom!

Find Out Why Four Season Rooms Are Perfect For You

If you want a space that lets you enjoy sunshine all year, then four season rooms by Bear Sunrooms are for you! We’re Wisconsin’s No. 1 sunroom experts and have been in business since 1947! In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to bring our customers the absolute best products and services available. We offer sunrooms from industry leader Alligator since these products are renowned for both their quality and longevity. We also take pride in the quality of our craftmanship, which is why we never use subcontractors, only highly trained in-house, factory certified employees. Plus, we stand behind our work with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty on all products and labor, so you can relax knowing your insulated sunroom will be protected for years to come.

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