How to Care for a Patio Enclosure

Patio EnclosureIf you’re considering having a patio enclosure installed at your home, you may be wondering about what sort of maintenance it will entail. It’s smart to research this ahead of time — you don’t want to invest in a new patio room and then find out afterwards that upkeep requires significantly more time and effort than expected. Of course, you’ll need to follow the specific instructions for your patio enclosure, since certain materials have to be cleaned differently (check with your manufacturer or installer for these guidelines). With that being said, here are some general tips on how to care for a patio enclosure:

  • Use a gentle approach. To avoid scratches, stick with gentle, nonabrasive cleaners and a soft cloth. For especially tough grime, you may be able to use a soft-bristled brush, but stay away from scouring pads and power washing.
  • Schedule cleaning for a cloudy day. Because the sun can cause your cleaner to dry more quickly, leaving behind unsightly streaks, it’s better to clean your patio enclosure on a cool, cloudy day.
  • Stay off the roof. To avoid injuring yourself and damaging your patio enclosure, don’t attempt to walk on the roof. You should also avoid leaning a ladder against the side of the enclosure. Instead, use an A-frame ladder or scaffolding to reach high places.
  • Maintain any surrounding landscaping. If there are any trees or bushes near your patio enclosure, regularly trim their branches to prevent scratches and stains.

Easy-to-Maintain Patio Enclosures in Mount Pleasant, WI

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