How to Clean a Vinyl Patio Enclosure

Vinyl Patio Enclosure If you’re considering having a vinyl patio enclosure installed at your home, you’ve probably wondered what you’ll need to do to clean it. You likely won’t want to invest in a structure that will require a lot of difficult maintenance, so it’s a good idea to research this ahead of time. Fortunately, vinyl patio enclosures are remarkably easy to maintain. Although you’ll want to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer and installer, here are some general cleaning tips:

Cleaning the Frame

To keep the outside of your vinyl patio enclosure looking like new, you should spray it down with water a few times each year. Make sure to use one of the lower power settings on your hose, and if dirt still remains, wipe it off using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a cloth or soft brush.

Cleaning the Windows

You can clean the windows in your vinyl patio enclosure using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth. If you encounter especially tough dirt, adding a small amount of distilled white vinegar to the cleaning solution can make it easier to wipe away. Finish up by using a squeegee to reduce water spots.

Patio Enclosures for Milwaukee, WI, Homeowners

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