How to Save Money on a Sunroom

Sometimes people question my guaranty to beat any legitimate sunroom bid by $2,000. Is it a gimmick?

The truth is that every company has to decide what to do with its profits. Other sunroom companies divide the profits up to pay for their showrooms, salespeople, and advertising.

Bear Sunrooms doesn’t have these expenses. Instead of having a showroom, I invite you to view the real work I’ve done for past customers. Instead of a sales team, you get the owner of the company. Instead of using a big advertising plan, I try to reach out to future customers through word-of-mouth and creative, affordable outlets like this blog.

Cutting out those extra costs doesn’t mean more money for the company. It means more money for you. It’s just one part of my dedication to giving my customers the best experiences they can have as their sunrooms are chosen, built, and enjoyed for years to come.

Yes, I guaranty to beat any legitimate bid you receive from another sunroom company by AT LEAST $2,000. That’s customer service you can take to the bank!

– Scott Bear