How to Style Your Sunroom in 2023

Having a sunroom attached to your home can be a great way to comfortably combine the indoors and the outdoors. You can enjoy natural light, glances at nature, and the changing seasons all from the comfort of the inside of your home. Your sunroom can be the perfect place to sit down and rest, host a gathering, or indulge in some of your hobbies. With the carefully curated layout paired with stunning accents of furniture, your sunroom has the potential to be the dream oasis you’ve always desired.

Set a Theme for Your Sunroom

The first step is mapping out how you plan to use your sunroom. Will this space be for social gatherings? Or will you keep it a quiet spot for relaxing? You’re going to want to purchase furniture and décor depending on the activities you want to do in your sunroom. For example, if you’re going to host frequent dinner parties then you might want to buy a large dining set that can sit 6-8 people. If you’re looking for something more casual, then a table with bench seating is recommended.

Lighting is also determined by what you want to get out of your sunroom. For social gatherings, string lights can be a great addition. String lights create a warm glow for the area and will keep it comfortably lit during darker hours. If your sunroom will be a hobby room, you can scatter lamps about the space for a cozier aura.

Decoration Ideas

Decorations are crucial to a living space regardless of how you want to utilize it. Candles, mirrors, rugs, knick-knacks, and photos can significantly improve the energy of a room. If your sunroom will be used as a sitting area, colorful couches, and armchairs paired with an eclectic rug can create a cozy environment. You may also want to add a wood coffee table stacked with books, coasters, and candles to mimic the appearance of a living room. Just because the sunroom is technically outside doesn’t mean you have to fill it with outdoor furniture.

Stylistic preferences are also something to take into consideration. Do you want a modern look? A bold look? How about a more traditional look? It will be fun to play around with your ideas. Challenge yourself and choose an aesthetic that is unlike the rest of your house. For example, if all of your already existing décor and furniture is contemporary, then furnish your sunroom with a Scandinavian look.

Bear Sunrooms Wants to Help You

Designing and installing a sunroom yourself would be a very difficult task. At Bear Sunrooms, we have the experience and training to give you a sunroom that will function flawlessly year-round. You’ll still have the ability to guide the creative direction, but we can do all the dirty work for you. From the beginning to the end of your sunroom installation project, we’ll work with you to design a sunroom that can be enjoyed regardless of the theme or weather.

As a company that has been serving Southwestern Wisconsin for decades, we’re confident in our ability to provide you with only the best products and services available. We offer a 100% transferable lifetime warranty on materials along with a lifetime labor warranty for as long as you own your home. Contact us today to find out more about how we can build the sunroom of your dreams.