Popular Choices for Patio Covers

Picking the right patio cover for your home is mostly a matter of opinion. Anyone in the market for a cover knows they need something that blends in well with the look of their home’s exterior, and sometimes you just know what you want when you see it.View from a covered patio

But you may not know the quality of the patio cover you have until it’s been in your yard for some time and faced the weather. The most popular patio cover choices all have qualities that may be deal-breakers to some homeowners, but not others. Here’s what you need to know when you’re shopping around for a new patio cover:

Metal Patio Covers

When you don’t want to worry about your patio cover taking damage, metal is your best bet. Aluminum, in particular, is popular as a cost-effective option for homeowners. It’s very light and inexpensive, but it can take a beating with nearly no upkeep. But as a heat conductor, metal can noticeably increase the temperature of whatever it covers when it’s under direct sunlight.

Wood Patio Covers

It’s very hard to beat the look of natural wood. It’s versatile and offers a myriad of design options for any home. However, wood can be expensive and requires regular maintenance. If your patio cover is not properly maintained, your newest neighbors may be a swarm of troublesome bugs.

Vinyl Patio Covers

Homeowners looking for inexpensive, low-maintenance patio covers often turn to vinyl. These user-friendly covers can be quite durable and will retain their shape over time, but not all vinyl is created equal. The material can eventually fade over the years and you may eventually have to consider buying one all over again.

Buying from Bear Sunrooms

At Bear Sunrooms, we happen to be big fans of aluminum patio covers and offer heavy-duty, fully extruded aluminum structures with expanded polystyrene roofs to deflect the sun’s heat. We have several color and design options available, and all of our work comes backed with a non-prorated, all-inclusive, fully transferable warranty on materials and labor. And we’ll beat any other legitimate bid out there by at least $2,000.

Whether you’ve made up your mind or would like to know more about our covers, contact us today.