Sunrooms Year-Round, Even in Winter

Did you know we build sunrooms year-round? While it’s true that foundation and weather-related issues can hinder installation, we work all year. Of course, there is also the matter of the early bird getting the worm – Bear Sunrooms usually has its spring schedule filled by the previous November.

Regarding weather, even in the summer there are high temperatures, rain, and wind that could directly impact a proper installation. In winter, it’s the very low temperatures, ice, and high winds that affect construction. Snow on the ground is generally not a hindrance. As long as the temperature is above 20 degrees, we can work! When the temperature is between 20-32 degrees, it’s essential that we keep the caulk warm before application and that the surface it’s being applied to is dry. Above 32 degrees, there’s no problem as long as surfaces are dry.

The majority of communities in southeastern Wisconsin allow two types of foundations: pier footing and trenched footing. Pier footing can be done year round. This involves having engineered drawings done that tell us where we have to dig postholes. We dig twelve 24-inch diameter holes into the ground, which are four feet deep. These get filled with concrete. When the ground is frozen, Bear Sunrooms uses a frost auger to accomplish this, and then we build a wooden foundation with an insulated floor.

With trenched footing, however, it’s best to put in the foundation before the ground freezes.

Trenched footing is generally an eight-inch wide, four-foot deep trench that is created wherever the sunroom walls are going to be. The trench is filled with concrete and, if necessary, raised to where the homeowners desire their floor level to be. Depending on the condition, we suggest a four-inch insulated slab poured from corner to corner of the footing to complete the foundation – this ensures a level floor and guarantees the floor will not move due to the freeze/thaw syndrome. If the floor level is high enough, we will also do a wood substructure that can be insulated.

Either way, if you want an installation in March (for example), we should install the foundation ahead of time. Since we never know when spring will come in Wisconsin, Bear Sunrooms recommends doing the foundation before the end of November. We do this for customers who wish to get their room up during the months from November through April as well. (We have had many folks that have wanted to have Thanksgiving or Christmas in their sunroom!)

So you certainly can have a sunroom built any time of the year. Just remember that weather conditions should be taken into account when you’re planning your timeline, as well as your contractor’s install schedule! The sooner you call, the better – my direct number is 414-364-6002. I look forward to adding a beautiful three season or all season sunroom to your home!