What Is a Patio Enclosure?

Patio Enclosure A patio enclosure is a type of home addition. Like traditional, “stick-built” additions, patio enclosures provide families with extra living space. However, while traditional home additions tend to be constructed with standard building materials — like wood and drywall — patio enclosures are usually made from other materials such as vinyl or aluminum. Patio enclosures are typically designed with numerous window openings to allow in an abundance of natural light. If a patio enclosure is built with screens, it’s referred to as a “screen room,” and if it’s constructed with glass windows, it’s referred to as a “sunroom.” Some patio enclosures are made entirely of windows — those are often called “solariums.”

Three-Season Patio Enclosures vs. All-Season Patio Enclosures

When browsing patio enclosures, you might see them referred to as “three-season” or “all-season.” All-season patio enclosures feature more insulation than three-season models, allowing them to be used throughout the entire year. If you generally head south for the winter, or otherwise think that you wouldn’t make use of a patio enclosure during the winter months, a three-season patio enclosure would probably be a smart choice for your home. If you’d like to have use of your patio enclosure no matter how cold it gets, however, you’ll most likely want to opt for an all-season structure.

Patio Enclosures in Racine, WI

If you own a home in Racine, Wisconsin, and think that you’d enjoy having a patio enclosure installed, you can rely on the outdoor living experts at Bear Sunrooms. We started out performing general building and remodeling jobs in 1947, but we later transitioned to installing sunrooms, and our focus has remained on outdoor living installations for the past 30+ years. We’re a local, family-owned company, and we do whatever we can to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction with our work. Contact us today to learn about the industry-leading patio enclosures we have available for homeowners in this area.