What is the Best Way to Heat a Sunroom?

Sunroom HeatingDo you enjoy your sunroom during the warm weather, but find it uncomfortable and drafty in the winter? If so, looking into heating options can be a great solution to this chilly problem. Here are some of the best ways to heat a sunroom, so you can make use of the space, no matter the weather:

  • Electric fireplace—Choosing a sunroom company that can install an electric fireplace can make all the difference. An electric fireplace will not only add warmth to your sunroom, but character as well. Cuddle up in some blankets, grab some tea, and enjoy the cozy flickering glow of your electric fireplace.
  • Space heater—A space heater is a practical solution for a chilly sunroom. With the simple flip of a switch, your space heater will quickly pump out warmth. However, a space heater shouldn’t go attended, so be sure to only keep it on when you are utilizing your sunroom.
  • Thermal insulated curtains—Functioning as a barrier between the outdoors and your windows, thermal insulated curtains will help keep drafty air at bay, all while adding to the privacy of your sunroom.
  • Add rugs— Warm up your sunroom without skimping on aesthetics. Laying down various rugs will not only add charm to your space, but they will also serve as a buffer between your feet and the cold floor.

A sunroom is the perfect addition to any home, and should be enjoyed throughout the year. If you don’t have a sunroom, but are interested in one, then contact the professionals at Bear Sunrooms today. We proudly install beautiful sunrooms for residents throughout Southeast Wisconsin. We also exceptional custom service and are able to incorporate fireplaces to make the space useable all year long.

If you already have a sunroom, but find the space chilly during the winter, then consider any of these cozy suggestions as they are sure to bring comfort and warmth to your sunroom.