What’s the Difference Between a Florida Room and a Patio?

Florida Room VS. PatioIf you’re like many people, you may be wondering exactly what the difference is between a Florida room and a patio. Florida rooms (often referred to as “sunrooms,” “patio rooms,” “patio enclosures,” or “glass enclosures”) differ from patios because they’re enclosed by walls and a roof. Compared to the open-air environment of a patio, Florida rooms offer considerably more protection from the elements and from annoying critters.

The Many Benefits Offered by Florida Rooms

Many homeowners opt to convert their patios into Florida rooms to expand their living space. Patios can generally only be used on good-weather days, which eliminates a good portion of the year in a snowy area like Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With an all-season Florida room installed, however, homeowners can take advantage of the space no matter the weather. Even three-season Florida rooms (which come with less insulation than all-season models) can be used from spring through fall, so families don’t need to worry about retreating inside from their patio the second there’s a chill in the air or a rainstorm hits.

What’s more, because Florida rooms keep out pests like mosquitoes and flies, they enable families to enjoy a relaxing meal surrounded by views of nature. If you’ve ever tried to eat dinner on a patio, you surely know how frustrating it can be to keep having to swat away insects. And, citronella candles can only do so much. Many homeowners add a table and chairs to their Florida room to serve as an additional dining area.

If you’re interested in converting your patio into a Florida room, you can turn to Bear Sunrooms for the installation. We’ve been serving Milwaukee-area homeowners since 1947, and we install more Florida rooms than anyone else in Southeast Wisconsin. Contact us today.